Auto Upholstery

Restoring a Classic Car?

Restoring a Classic Car?

Get professional help with auto upholstery repairs

Even if the rest of the car is in great condition, damaged upholstery can make the entire vehicle look unappealing. Jr. Auto Upholstery can repair and replace upholstery in all kinds of vehicles. We can patch small tears while matching your original color as closely as possible. Our team can also fully replace the upholstery for a completely fresh look. We work with car owners needing repairs as well as dealerships updating used cars for sale.

Speak with an auto upholstery expert today in Casper, WY.

The kinds of upholstery we repair

Cars come in many different designs and styles, and upholstery is no different. That's why we offer both vinyl and leather upholstery repair services. We'll help you find the right look for your vehicle.

Our upholstery services include...

  • Installing new carpets
  • Custom seat embroidery
  • Installing seat covers
  • Patching torn upholstery

Whether you want to increase its resale value or simply restore its attractive look, Jr. Auto Upholstery can help. Call 307-253-8894 now to schedule upholstery repair services.