Get repairs for residential and commercial furniture

Upholstery is equally important for homes and businesses. Damaged fabric is uncomfortable to sit on and can make furniture look tacky. Whether it's your living room or your restaurant's dining area, Jr. Auto Upholstery will repair your damaged upholstery so it looks seamless.

Don't order all new furniture when your fabric is worn and torn. Upholstery repairs are more affordable and will let you keep your favorite furniture longer.

Schedule upholstery repairs for your home or business now.

Give New Life to an Old Vehicle

Give New Life to an Old Vehicle

Repair or replace torn upholstery for a fresh look

When it's new and whole, upholstery might not be the first thing you look at on a car or boat. When it's ripped and torn, it'll draw your attention immediately. You don't have to live with damaged upholstery ruining the appearance of your vehicle. Jr. Auto Upholstery can repair and replace all kinds of upholstery.

Our team can fix...

  • Seat upholstery
  • Seat covers
  • Carpets
  • Couches
  • Chairs


If you just need minor repairs, we'll match your current material and style so the patch doesn't stand out. For more extensive damage, we can perform full replacements.

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Keep your boat's upholstery in tip-top shape

Boats tolerate a lot of foot traffic and water, which can wear out your upholstery. If your boat's upholstery is damaged, we can fix it. We work with local boat dealerships to replace boat upholstery. We can repair or replace everything from carpets to entire seat covers. Working with local dealers gives us a large selection of fabrics so we can match your current style.

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